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    Temporary Stats Suspension

    Gotta love that good ole GDPR! Thanks for the update Ian :)
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    Happy Birthday CITech

    Thank you all for your kind comments, very much appreciated :)
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    Happy Birthday CITech!

    Ladies and Gents, Thank you all for your birthday wishes, I never seem to get the chance to hang around PCR these days but it lovely to know that some of you stil remember me :) Hope everyone is doing well, Dave
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    WCG Stats Wednesday 20 April 2016

    Another million boundary passed, can't be bad :fool:
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    Birthday Greetings CITech

    Thank you all for your kind greetings :thumb: A good day was had, and apologies for not being online to celebrate with you, but looks like I might have passed 13m WCG which made quite a nice present:D Cheers, Dave
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    WCG Stats Tuesday 01 July 2014

    A new month, a new quarter and a new half year .... ..... and I pass 11 million! Maybe not such a bad day :cheers:
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    WCG Stats Saturday 08 February 2014

    Cheers Ian, yeah all is good, just very busy (which keeps me out of trouble). Hope to get the chance to get online more in the future :D Regards to all online, CI.
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    WCG Stats Saturday 08 February 2014

    Hi Guys, Been out of the loop for a good while so thought I would check up on where I was at. More than a little surprised to say teh least, thanks for the comments :bow: Keep smiling, CI
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    WCG Stats Friday 11 October 2013

    Another nice landmark for my birthday weekend! Things are looking goooood ;) Cheers all for your kind comments.
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    Birthday Greetings CITech

    Thank you, one and all :D A good day has been had with friends and family, but now I need my beauty sleep (only a few decades too late!). Cheers, Dave
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    WCG Stats Saturday 08 June 2013

    Cheers guys, Pure chance I logged on to see what my total was up to so this was a very nice surprise. Have a good weekend :fool:
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    WCG Stats Tuesday 16 October 2012

    Thank you all, another great milestone passed. Sorry to hear your news BootNeck, my thoughts are with you and your family.
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    It's CITech's Birthday

    Cheers Guys, Don't get on here too often but nice to see my legacy (and reputation) isn't forgotten! Have a great weekend all, I'm off to down a few lemonades ... :cheers:
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    Birthday Greetings Floppybootstomp

    Happy birthday Flops :fool:
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    WCG Stats Monday 19 March 2012

    Cheers everyone, As they say at Tescos, 'Every little bit helps' :D