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    Back from a long vacation

    Hi Quads :) I'm back too, although my oldest is pretty sick atm so I'm not getting on much :( It's good to see you again after so long :)
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    Defacing or respecting?

    Cool :thumb:
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    Dunedin Armageddon 2015

    Hugs and thank you TC and get well soon :)
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    Dunedin Armageddon 2015

    :( Did you try the link up above to Rowan's album? That's public so anyone can see it and there's a link up there to my Fb page as well :) It pulled up Two Tony Sullivans in Greenwich are you the one at Greenwich Audio visual? Let me know & I'll send you a friend request or you can follow the...
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    Dunedin Armageddon 2015

    I tried to download some of Rowan's photos from Fb and upload them here but they were all greyed out when I tried the "upload file" button :( the address for my Fb page is it's not showing as a link in preview but if you can copy and paste it should take...
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    Dunedin Armageddon 2015

    Well we just had Armageddon, the one and only con/expo that Dunedin actually has each year in which all of our (very high) population of secret, and not so secret nerds can all come out of our closets, dress up to our hearts content and wander around admiring each others costumes :thumb: I will...
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    Birthday Greetings Ian

    lol, I'm 47 not 27 mucks... my Seven may not be quite so droolworthy :p It has been an amazing weekend and Rowan (My oldest) got some great piccys. I'm going to go die quietly for now but I'll pop back in tomorrow (or whenever I wake up again) with some piccys and general raving (there was...
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    Birthday Greetings Ian

    Hi guys :wave: I'm just about to head out to Armageddon (a con/expo here in NZ) in cosplay as Seven of nine. I think I'm insane. My kids are cosplaying as Homestuck characters in completely different costumes to the ones they wore yesturday, we are ALL insane. Have a good day and catch you...
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    RIP Leonard Nimoy... :(

    A character who, as well as being my childhood hero, had a huge ripple effect on western society, far beyond what the length of the original series ever could've predicted and a man who repeatedly surpassed the wisdom of the character. :bow: :(
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    Birthday Greetings Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian :)
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    I came across this little ditty

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    Quad's Humour Thread

    Ahhhhh, but the trouble with the drive by ATM proceedures is that the men wouldn't read the instructions, would then spend 5 times as long as necessary, end up doing it wrong, have an impassioned argument with the machine & drive off without any money & possibly without their card ;)
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    The meaning of English sayings

    Surely, in that instance, the term 'beating around the bush' would relate to the practice where the aristocracy would have the estate workers beat the undergrowth to drive birds into flight for the wealthy to shoot? I believe this practice was called 'beating' and was probably seen in a rather...
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    Flops' Friday mini blog

    Not much to say sorry as my brain is full of post siezure migraine just thought that I'd mention that my son says dishonoured is a brilliant game and he tends to be sparing with his praise unless the game earns it so hopefully you'll get your money's worth from it :) And, of course, that your...
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    Boundary/Land Question?

    Your best bet is to enlist the neighbour on your side so to speak by explaining how you've tried to tell the builders that they're laying the driveway in the wrong place so it's on your property but they're not understanding you so can s/he have a word with them for you. But to be honest...