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    Buying a book?

    Try doing a quick search here. It's saved me some cash in the past.
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    Moving Flat

    Not just me dreading those 56k speeds after a house move then! Good luck mate :)
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    Age of Empires III

    Got to agree there! As great as AOEIII is, Rome does beat it.
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    Bargain Band Of Brothers Boxset (6 discs) - £14.99

    Ahh, but I have my own copy here already :p I remembr paying full whack for it back when it was first released. Must have watched the entire series a dozen times through already.
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    A more indepth look at dreamfall

    Do! :D Although, have you played the prequel, The Longest Journey? Having played that through first, it does heighten the experience somewhat.
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    A more indepth look at dreamfall

    Oh it's good. It's very good in fact! Lacking in puzzles of couse, which might put a few off, but the story and delightfully voiced characters....absolute heaven!
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    Bargain Band Of Brothers Boxset (6 discs) - £14.99

    I'd happily pay ten times that! Absolute steal at that price.
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    Space games?

    Best bet is ebay, and the pack of both Freespce 1, and 2. Never played the first though, so I cant comment on it's quality! The second really is a cracking game though - well worth a try.
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    Space games?

    Freespace 2!!!! Absolutely beautiful game :)
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    Who will be the England Manager

    Now Scolari's out of the picture, it seems that it's bound to be Steve McLaren. No matter how much I wish it wasnt so. As great as this seasons UEFA Cup Final for 'Boro is, it's McLaren's tactical naivety has been shown up in the last two rounds. During the 'normal' stages of each game, his...
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    Review Age of Empires III

    Chris Pickering submitted a new article: Age of Empires III - Age of Empires III Read more about this article...
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    Age of Empires III

    While Ensemble Studio’s spin-off of the Age of Empires series, Age of Mythology, was a delightful change to the somewhat realistic tones of their flagship series, I always craved a sequel to the original series, and a brand new title to sink my teeth into. The first two iterations, the second of...
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    Xbox 360 : Anyone else here got one?

    I gots one, of course ;) At the moment I'm playing Oblivion, Football Manager 2006, and Top Spin 2. Plus, the constant bouts of Geometry Wars Evolved. Now thats a game worth owning. Fight Night Round 3 is a great game, though it can get a bit tedious in single player. The Outfit's rubbish...
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Elbow, and Belafonte. No, not HARRY Belafonte :p Plus, trying to cut down my Radiohead listening time, so seeing them on May 13th might be a bit more special ;)
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    Please help in choosing my 2.1 Speakers. Two Options

    I've got to agree with crazylegs, the I-Trigue 3400's are superb!