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    Sony Vaio C-Series

    Anybody got any opinions on the Sony Vaio C-series??:confused: Would love a pink one, but white seems to be a little cheaper!:( Would a 13.3" screen be too small or worth it for the superb portability?? Might go and look at them at the computer shop tonight to see what the diddy screen is...
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    XP or Vista for new laptop???????????

    Ok, thanks! Just let me clarify (not the brightest spark, you know!:D ).... So if I got Office 2007 on my new Vista laptop, would I be able to open documents from Office 2003 on an XP OS? Will my old printer work too? And any idea if old (Sims2) games work on Vista? I think the laptop should...
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    XP or Vista for new laptop???????????

    I know this isn't strictly the right place to post this but not enough people are viewing the Vista area, so thought I'd post it here too, because I need an answer asap!!:o Am trying to purchase a new laptop and don't know whether to go for Windows XP or Vista! I need my laptop mainly for...