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    Be* Warned!!!

    I believe from what I have heard before that the ISP must forward on a complaint if one is made to them. If you are using a torrent program all the authorities can see your ip address and everyone elses that is downloading the torrent. They can then send the complaint on to the ISP who then...
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    Thanks all for your kind words. Dont worry I will still be around in the forums, you cant get rid of me that easily . And as said previousley I hope to make a return sometime in 2009. -Chelseafc2005
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    Hi everyone, I am sorry to have to inform all you lot that I will be suspending crunching on my system. I have been running WCG for a few years now 24/7. I will not be retireing from the pcreview Crew but there wont be any points coming in from me. I hope that I will be in a position sometime...
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    Modding an xbox

    Over the last few days I have been looking into soft modding an xbox and putting XBMC on it. I will then hook it up to my tv and use it as a media centre. I have read quite alot about this from the various websites, and have purchased a second hand machine. Has anyone done this before and...
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    Call of Duty: World at War

    I know this is a bit of a longshot but if anyone has a xbox 360 beta code for this game that they dont want, I'd love to have it ;) Thanks, chelseafc2005
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    Going away

    Hi crunchers, Just thought I'd let you know that I am away for the next week so the rig will be turned off. But when I'm back I can assure you ill be back on 24/7 :thumb: Thanks, Chelseafc2005
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    Powerline Ethernet Adapter

    wizkid, I use a pair of these at home. They are good and I feel they are better than wireless, no dropout, poor signal etc.. but you can notice that they are slower than being directly wired into the modem but the speed is still very good. I have tried them all around the house and they work...
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    Printing double sided

    there are quite a few duplex inkjets around these days. They are probably a bit slower than the laser ones though, they need to let the ink dry a bit before it flips the page. My canon pixma ip4000 does this very well i bought it for £80 around 2 tears ago. :thumb:
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    O2 Broadband Order

    well i'm in London quite close to the exchange so they say I can recieve the max of 24meg. I'll do a speed test later to see what I am really getting though. My router claims to be syncing at 17mbps though. :D
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    O2 Broadband Order

    Good choice with it and a good price :thumb: BeBroadband ( my supplier who i have been very happy with) are owned by o2 so you should get a very good service.:D
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    UEFA Cup Final

    Just for you Bodhi ;)
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    Bargain O2 Broadband deals

    I currently use BeBroadband which is owned by O2 pay something like £20 a month for 24 meg (supported at my exchange) with unlimited downloads (FUP has never been used on a member to my knowledge). Never had a problem and the speeds are very nice :thumb: chelseafc2005
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    netgear router

    The problem that I had with the speedtouch that Flops recommended is that that it was good but the wireless performance was poor, much worse than my previous netgear. So if the buyer wants it for wireless performance I wold say look for another one, but if he doesn't want long range wireless I...
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    bbc iplayer hack

    To be honest if someone really wantedto keep the show for more than 30 days they would have looked for a way around it, because there is a way around the licenses ;) but I dont think im alloawed to post any links on this site to any such piece of software but there is one out which got...
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    back crunching

    Some of you may have noticed I havent been crunching for a while now. I had problems with my AMD system with several things going bad and drives dying all at the same time :( The good news is I upgraded my system to a q6600 and 4gb of ram. Now it has been running a few days I just installed...