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    Lost old data file after converting expired trial to full version.

    Someone should make a list of software that still has complete functionality even after the trial has ended and can still be used while it informs you every time that it has ended, yet still has export, import, save, etc...
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    Unable to "Run as" "Administrator"

    I have figured out a remedy to Access Denied files which cannot be delete or restored from Recycle Bin, First do not follow cmd command prompt remedies as they still say Access Denied Dc or Dd (some number) Secondly go to any the Drive it was deleted from and open Tools > Folder Options > View...
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    Question about Ethernet NIC Setting

    Same question I don't think anyone is asking about these settings unless it pertains to malfunctioning, i also would to know what the best setting for the right click properties are of this realtek connecter, smart card or that other one, i cannot find any info about its setup and had to reset...
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    Unable to "Run as" "Administrator"

    Possible Cause I believe this may have been caused by a stalling sp3 install, that did not finish cleaning up.
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    Unable to "Run as" "Administrator"

    Similar Problem I see the same error when I try to login as the adminstrator even though i am already logged in as the computer adminstrator under a different name. Here's the deal though... Firstly I have two folders in the recycle bin after a reboot that to delete them there must use...