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    Happy New year

    I haven't heard of the ''threenager'' before lol
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    Happy New year

    She's 2 yrs and 5 months now..that's an old pic...i'll post a more recent one later on.
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    Happy New year

    Sorry about the size of the pic.....This is Darci
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    Happy New year

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    Happy New year

    Hi I have been very busy the last 2 or so years. I was finishing up my night studies as quick as i could because of the pitter patter of little miss baby zeds footsteps.....we christened her Darci and i will post a pic or two as soon as i get a chance. Life has just been sooooo
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    Happy New year

    Happy new year to all at PC Review....... I haven't forgotten you all lol.
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    Birthday Greetings Crazylegs

    belated happy birthday wishes Crazylegs.....hope you had a great day.
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    Wishing all at PCReview a merry christmas................:D
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    Call of Duty Black Ops II

    I got it yesterday......on the third level in under an hour....not impressed so far. Really folks get it second hand. I will play the multiplayer later tonight to see what it's like. Halo 4 kicks it ass off the planet.....just sayin lol. P.S. the save point system is the same - automatic.
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    Doom 3 Revisited

    Hello all, I played Rage quite a while back....a bit like borderlands. I was gonna get Doom 3 today but took halo 4 instead. I played doom 3 when it first came out. I remember it being scary and i'll put it on my next games list, along with the latest medal of honour and that new...
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    Halo 4

    Addicted already crazylegs. Haven't put it down since I started it just over two hours ago. I was only supposed to install it and have a quick look lol.
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    Halo 4

    Hi folks, Picked up Halo 4 today and an hour in, it looks great so far. It's more of the same only more polished and faster.:thumb:
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    Just a "Hi"!

    Hello there and welcome.
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    It's Captain Zed's Birthday

    Thanks Folks, i had a great day doing absolutely nothing.....
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    It's CITech's Birthday

    Belated happy birthday