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    Sharing a screen in the office?

    Hey Ian, yeah, been a while since I've been around these parts. :) Thanks for your suggestion, it's probably the closest thing so far to what I'm looking for actually, although it only allows a single machine to mirror a screen to the secondary machine, and I need approximately 8 machines able...
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    Sharing a screen in the office?

    On our work network we have a requirement to mount a new 42" Plasma on the wall as a previewing/sharing monitor - whereby if any of the team in this office want to show something on their own screen to everyone else they should be able to simply share their own screen with the preview monitor...
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    Quieten down a noisy XFX 9600 GSO

    I just got myself a new graphics card XFX 9600GSO 758MB but it is really noisy. I know it's prob not the best card for the money but all I could get on the day, and was desperate to get something for the PC. Doe's anyone know of any ways I could quieten it down, as not sure if I can cope with...
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    PHP and MySQL on a P3

    I have a linux web server running at home on a old P3 computer - it runs Ubuntu/Apache/PHP/MySQL with no problems. Are you looking at running a Windows or Linux environment - and are you looking to use it for programming PHP, or for serving PHP pages?
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    N0 sound on a Fujitsu-Siemens Amillo pro V3515 laptop

    Yeah, thats what worked for me. First try the drivers from this page Then if that still fails, then try the official Fujitsu_Siemens ones from here (enter "v3515" in the...
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    N0 sound on a Fujitsu-Siemens Amillo pro V3515 laptop

    Hmm, cheers Mucks - I found that same driver on another site at about the same time you posted it. Anyway, I tried to install it, but the install failed (cant remember the error). But I restarted anyway, just to check things, and the sys came back with still no sound, although the yellow...
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    N0 sound on a Fujitsu-Siemens Amillo pro V3515 laptop

    Well I'm trying to use the built in speakers (although have already tried plugging in external ones). Not too sure on the audio chip, although this page says the v3515 has the following audio " Conexant Sound controller embedded in VIA VT8237A...
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    N0 sound on a Fujitsu-Siemens Amillo pro V3515 laptop

    I have just reinstalled Windows XP Pro on this laptop for a friend who wanted it doing. I have got all the drivers from the fujitsu site for everything as he didnt have the cd for them, and everything is installed and working fine apart from the audio, and I just cant seem to get this to work...
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    Article Competition

    Hey Ian, missed this last month, but I'd be interested if you are still running it or run another one. I'll see what I can come up with for you.
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    Windows Vista MCE & Vista Upgrade, or just standalone Vista?

    Cheers feckit. I am pretty competent with OS's and stuff, so either option is easy for me, was just wandering on what options others were going for and would advise. Personally I'm swayed to the standalone Vista.
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    Web Servers

    500MB will easy do for the shop and website feature (prob much less), but you need to be a little more specific about what sort of (and quantity) of your media/videos to estimate your needs.
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    DIY website design

    what sort of website? is it just a few pages of static content, or will you be managing lots of pages? do you need any special features? depending on the complexity of your content/ideas there are numerous solutions to make thigns easier for you. If you let me know a few more details about...
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    My Drives Wont Read Anything!

    The drive may have just worn out, as this can often happen with cheap drives. My DVD-RW used to read/write both CDs and DVDs, but it's had a LOT of hammering over the last year and now wont even recognise CDs - I swapped it out for a new one and now works fine. Point being, they can just wear...
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    Windows Vista MCE & Vista Upgrade, or just standalone Vista?

    I'm building a new PC very soon, and I'm just after a little advice/opinions on the OS choice. I plan to use Vista Home Premium as the OS, but not sure which option here is the best. 1.)I can get XP Media Centre Edition with free upgrade to Vista Home Premium for £70.35 from, or...
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    MP3 & WMA tag editor

    Can anyone recommend a good freeware (ID3)Tag editor for both MP3's and WMA files. I have quite a massive collection I'm in the process of properly tagging, so batch processing would be a advantage. Also a windows context menu addition would help. Thanks in advance guys :)