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    Best VPN

    What's the best free VPN around at the moment?
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    Epson printer software

    I'm moving over from my 9 year old Dell Windows 7 Desktop PC to my new Dell Windows 10 All-in-one and I need to set up my current Epson DX4000 series printer for the new Dell (assuming I can?). I've got the original set up disk but the All-in-one has no integral CD drive. I'm assuming I can...
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    Cybersecurity Knowledge Quiz

    I got 8. Not bad for an old git! Got the GPS and the Phishing ones wrong - Damn. I'm absolutely paranoid about security so am very wary of anything that looks remotely Fishy!
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    Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office

    OMG - You guys are geniuses (Genii?). Download took a few minutes, then i pondered how to proceed next and just thought I'd try to load one of my old Works spreadsheets and 'Hey Presto' - my old speadsheet replicated EXACTLY!! Thanks again. Biscuitman
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    Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office

    Thanks Nivrip that confirms what I thought.
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    Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office

    Hi assume, the version I download is for a 'conservative user' ie, Version 6.1.6 ? Biscuitman
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    Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office

    I'm continuing to transfer files from my old Win7 PC onto my new Dell Win10. Since I bought my first PC in 2003 I've been using MS Works Spreadsheets and Word Processor which came free with both my comps so far - however this new one uses MS Excel and Word, which is on my new comp but requires...
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    New Guy

    Hi I'm new to the Forum. I'm a 71 year old living in Scotland. Used to work for a Biscuit (Cookie) company hence the name. Just moved into the 21st century with Windows 10 having used W7 for the last 10 years and Vista and XP before that. Finding it a bit different having moved out of my comfort...
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    Which Anti-Virus to use?

    Thanks guys - useful info. Hate paying through the nose for software when a lot of the free stuff is just as efficient.
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    Which Anti-Virus to use?

    New to this forum and just purchased a Dell All-in-One PC with free trial McAfee Security. Old PC (Win 7) uses Windows Firewall, MSE, Ccleaner and Malwarebytes - all free. What are my best free options to cover all bases? Any help appreciated. Biscuitman