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    Millet's 15% Off!

    Oh I forget that the English Language Police would be on patrol, lets hope you do not text speak here ever! That would be both your down fall for both You & V_R.
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    Millet's 15% Off!

    Taken over by Blacks a few years ago, still not stable but good bargains to be had!!:nod:
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    Millet's 15% Off!

    They are a High Street shop, remember them from the old days, before A.M.Azon turned up? Either that or you just use Stone&Rock and Cotswold because your posh!!!! Or just not in too saving money, are you not from Yorkshire?:p
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    Millet's 15% Off!

    OK, So most of you will be hip and trendy and not shop in Millet's!!:rolleyes: But if you do and you fancy 15% off before the end of Sunday type in WKEND15! May be something for a festival/rave/party or for the beach?? Just got some hipp'ish sandals for my upcoming holiday, got free delivery...
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    WCG Stats Saturday 02 July 2016 sky & sun.....but it is July after all!!:p
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    Pretty sure this is Becky's fault...

    I'm sure you will test it to the max!!:nod:
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    WCG Stats Friday 01 July 2016

    Evening...:wave:..1st day of july just like most of june....wet!
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    WCG Stats Thursday 30 June 2016

    Evening...:wave:wet..dry..sunny..wet...dry..sunny..wet..dry...july tomorrow:eek:
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    WCG Stats Wednesday 29 June 2016

    Evening...:wave:..dry..rain..dry...rain..more it still summer time??:eek:
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    MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8 GB

    That is one big mother of a GC!!:nod:
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    WCG Stats Tuesday 28 June 2016

    Evening .....:wave: I got a like from Royal the other day...may be out running ?
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    Five things we don't know about you

    31,250 per year. Back in the late 90's I once did 60,000 in a year, but i was a trucker at the time!!:p
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    WCG Stats Monday 27 June 2016 sky...warm...:nod: Sorry crunching down, on a new shift pattern, but only weekdays now!!:cheers:
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    Gigabyte X99 Designare EX Motherboard

    Any chance of a review on 23"/24" Monitors Becky as going to buy one in July!!!:nod:
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    I hear she nailed it last night and one of her, if not her best performance, ever.