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    Windows XP Spam

    Hi Guys Was wondering if anyone knows of a good free download for a spam filter. Any help would be great
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    Toshiba Laptop

    :) Thanks for your replys, we got it sorted now. Thank you
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    Toshiba Laptop

    Hi Folks A friend of mine owns a Toshiba Satalite SA40-702 Laptop, Unfortunatly she didnt get the recovery CD's with it. I was wondering if any of you very helpfull PC Review guys could help her out. I have looked all over and cannot find anything. Thanks
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    Laptop needed - Budget of £500

    Hi Ian Try this place.
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    STOP 0x0000007B error

    Hi When swopping motherboards with XP you have to upgrade the (HAL) Hardware Abstract Layer follow this link, it will explain further.
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    Windows XP Acronis True Image 9

    I can highly recommend "Acronis True Image 9", as I have Bought it complete with Product key from Ebay, £12.99 + p&p. I have cloned from a 40GB to a 20GB no problems, only took approx 5 mins if that. I have found with it though you have to re-register(Bill Gates strikes again ) Windows XP...
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    Windows XP Acronis True Image 9

    Wondering if anyone has had any usage of this program? Acronis True Image 9 . Would like to see your comments. Thanks
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    Get Rid of Norton, it causes no end of trouble, I Use avg + Firewall, but the Free one is just as good, make sure you have windows firewall activated & use the "Host File". :)
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    Could any one help?

    Hi all A work collegue of mine owns a wonderfull EMachine which is out of warranty. The symtoms that she has presented to me is that the HDD is on its way out. I was just wondering how to set everything back up, once i have replaced the HDD, I know it comes with a recovery disk, and was...
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    Power Supply Unit Problems

    Hi Russell Use this
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    power unit troubles...

    Hi Michael For future referance, use this site to calculate the size of the PSU that you require for your pc to perform effectively. Good luck :)
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    Test my internet

    Hi Mojouk Try this, Remember, If you are running a seperate firewall (Norton, AVG ect)You must disable the one in windows (start, control panel, security centre) Your speed then should be ok, hope this solves your problem ?:cool:
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    Tiny Customers Won't Get Money Back

    :rolleyes: We all know what "TINY" means !!! Tough Its Now Yours !! Unfortunately.
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    PFN list Corrupt

    :) Blue Screen Of Death:cool: To Run 64 bit you could need updated drivers for your hardware, check out their web sites for 64 bit updates. Here is the url for your graphics card which is 64 bit compliant.
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    PFN list Corrupt

    :) Hi Are you using XP Pro 64? It also could mean that you need to update your drivers you may have installed, boot up in safe mode (F8 at start up) and remove and see if you get the same BSOD. Another is to gently rub a eraser (pencil rubber) over the gold contacts of the memory. Good luck...