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    WCG Stats Wednesday 03 July 2019

    Hi all. Haven't been around here in a while. Just got BOINC setup again, so I should start showing up on the stats again. Still as active as it used to be here?
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    Five things we don't know about you

    I've been mostly absent but logged in an replied to a few posts today, thought I might try and get my activity back up a bit, so here goes: 1. I used to play bass in a local heavy metal band. 2. I went from working construction to computers 3. My university tried to give me the first name "B"...
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    Excel Excel - Two Database Formula extraction?

    I'm sure there are ways to do this with formulas, but I think there is a simpler solution. I would copy both of the full lists to a new worksheet, one after the other. Then go to the Data Tab and select Remove Duplicates (assuming you're in at least Excel 2007, if it's an older version, I...
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    Using =IF(B10<>"",COUNTA($B$10:B10),"") to number rows in columns other than A

    Frank, I think your problem is with your formula having a static reference for the first part of the array in the COUNTA (The dollar signs). Since you have the reference in the original location as $B$10:B10, when you copied it over, it kept the reference so your new location is counting...
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    Windows 8 Who here is using Windows 8?

    I'm using most things at home.... I have a MacBook for work and a Fedora Laptop for school. I have, however, installed Windows 8.1 on my gaming desktop I built late last year. My main reason for it is that doing a lot of Sys Admin work, I wanted to immerse myself in what is basically Server...
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    Crunching decision

    Never a good thing to see a cruncher drop off, but it's certainly an understandable decision. I had to drop off myself for a while, and just (5 minutes ago) finished installing WCG again and starting it up. Be nice if you could get breaks on the electricity bills if you were doing things like...
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    Excel autosum problem in Excel

    Without seeing the data, or testing it out, I would assume just a rounding issue. You could put a =round(<yourSUMeq here>,0) and it will round 9.21E-12 to 0. 9.21E-12 is the same as 0.00000000000921 (essentially 0).
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    Excel Excel problem

    Hi Steve! I just wanted to ask a few questions that may get us pointed in the right direction. What version of Excel are you working with, do you know? In the bottom left hand corner of the screen, you should see a Status like Ready, Edit, Enter, something along those lines. What does it say...
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    HELP PLEASE EXCEL!!! SUMIFS top 10 values

    Hi, I'll see what I can do to help you out, but would you be able to list out the criteria you need, and the numbers you are trying to sum? Are you looking to sum the 10 largest numbers in column C that meet criteria in other columns? Which columns have which criteria, and what do you need to...
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    Help needed #MsAccess

    The best way to go about something like this is to begin by building and saving a query that shows data grouped the way you would like in a report. Then you can use this query as the basis for the report. Good luck!
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    return specific character read from right to left

    Give the following a try: =MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)+5,2)&MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)+3,2)&MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)+1,2) Change A1 to the first cell that has your codes, and then you can copy the formula down. It will look for the position of the hyphen and add from there to get the starting spot for the...
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    Excel Excel 2007, Sum with criteria

    can you provide a small sample of your data? It can have dummy numbers, I just want to see the structure. One of the problems first off that you'll likely run into is that whether or not you have a filter, Excel will usually still calculate hidden cells. If you provide a small sample of how...
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    Access Access Select Query is cleared out after exporting

    Off the top of my head, I don't see anything necessarily about the query that should have caused any of your issues, but I'm not the strongest when it comes to SQL, either.
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    Access Access Select Query is cleared out after exporting

    Are you able to post the text of the query here?
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    Access Access Select Query is cleared out after exporting

    Are you saving the query before running it?