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    Mobile phone signals could be blocked in cars

    Yep - many years before we all do this :nod:
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    Mobile phone signals could be blocked in cars

    Calm down Floppy!! :lol: Agree with a lot you have written, particularly around the police enforcement - just sad that it could in the end come down to money and the use of technology to stop everyone regardless of reason because it is the cheapest way rather than the fairest. The arguments for...
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    Mobile phone signals could be blocked in cars

    Using a mobile phone whilst driving is dangerous whether hands-free or not as it is a distraction....however it could be argued Satnav's are distracting too. I would be against blocking signals in cars as I use data tethering on my phone to give live traffic updates on my built in satnav which...
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    Thersa May gets told off

    Loving the 'I saw Hundreds, Millions - one with floppy ears' :lol:
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    Considering a forum upgrade...

    Like the look of it Ian :nod:
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    PC Review members

    Hello and welcome!! :wave:
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    Manflu or not?

    Suffering from a lung infection - so sitting at home bored with the Wife and Kids out shopping. I do still monitor the site when I can - just don't have the time with work/family to contribute much these days :(
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    Manflu or not?

    Differing opinions - there have been other studies where it showed Men are hit harder by Flu due to our different biological makeup. As usual in the 'Scientific Study' world there are always differing opinions - just choose which one you want to believe or decide for yourself.:cheers:
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    Malicous Website Blocked

    Same here Ian - I then added PCR to the MWB exclusion section and I get you fine now :confused: Removed PCR from exclusions and I now get the MWB message...see attached
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    Feeling great to be part of PC review

    Hello, Good Morning and Welcome :wave:
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    Hard drive size ?
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    Windows 7 Delete contact list entries

    Try some of these suggestions
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    WCG Stats Thursday 24 January 2013

    Big congrats Kev - fantastic effort!! :bow::bow::bow: :cheers:
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    Hard drive problem

    Theres always the risk of losing data no matter what the program you use says - so I suggest you make a backup of the data first. Then use a free program like Easus Partition Master Home to convert back to a basic disc.
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    WCG Stats Sunday 26 August 2012

    Fantastic effort Kevster!! :dance::dance::dance: Looks like you'll be snatching my No2 spot in the not too distant future :cheers: