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    Considering a forum upgrade...

    I find it the easiest format of using forums - a centralised point of access. I got a free beta release ages ago, which keeps being updated... Guess I was lucky. The mobile site for does look nice though. :)
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    Considering a forum upgrade...

    Hello :) Ian, are there any thoughts/plans or revisiting Tapatalk compatibility? :D
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    WCG Stats Friday 13 March 2015

    Hello good folk of Crunchersville! :wave:
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    Crunching decision

    Late response, but well done TD!! :cheers::bow::thumb::user:
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    WCG Stats Thursday 20 November 2014

    :dance:Congratulations Urmas!! 5 Million points!! :dance: :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:
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    FWIW - This issue is caused by overheating - causing the GFX chipset to mis-seat correctly. Common to many HP laptops, PS3's, XBOX360's.... So the display fails to update - giving a frozen effect/distorted display etc.. It's a BGA reflow to fix it correctly... Or slam it in the oven - or get...
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    WCG Stats Friday 14 November 2014

    Happy Friday Guys n Gals! :thumb:
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    WCG Stats Thursday 13 November 2014

    Keeping Alright thanks Taffycat! :) Although there's some weird restructure at work which could render me being made redundant. UK-Customer Support costs the Corporation too much money, apparently. :confused: How are youuuu? :)
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    WCG Stats Thursday 13 November 2014

    Hullo Crunchees! :) :thumb:
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    WCG Stats Tuesday 07 October 2014

    Thanks guys! :) :bow: I've got a TripleXDread coming up in my rear-view mirror! :thumb: :cheers:
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    Happy Birthday fella! :D :thumb:
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    I'm back!

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    WCG Stats Monday 03 March 2014

    Morning all!! :)
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    WCG Stats Sunday 26 January 2014

    Thanks guys! :) :thumb: Hopefully the weather's calmed down a bit now as well!? :D