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    News Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha Signup

    I have played a couple flight sims before, I look forward to this one too.
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    Huge Video File After Edit

    You may have to change the resolution of the output video through your settings.
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    How do you guys feel about Trump withdrawing troops from Syria?

    They predicted that the ISIS prisoners would escape, and Trump's response was, "They'll just escape to Europe or something."
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    Wow I laughed out loud on this one :fool:
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    PowerPoint Powerpoint Slow Animations

    I've noticed that when you click "Animations -> Appear" there is only one option: "As One Object" So if you want each word to appear individually you need to separate each word into it's own box.
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    PowerPoint Powerpoint Slow Animations

    I guess I will try to help you with this one, what version of PowerPoint are you using? Do you get the same results when you use the online version of PowerPoint? If you need help finding and creating an PowerPoint file online start here: Once there create a new...
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    Untitled Goose Game

    I like when the goose took his glasses :D
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    C# Post-Publish Issues

    When you publish, are you also pushing the dependencies?
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    Best VPN

    Cloudflare has some of the best internet tools, for free :dance:
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    Today I learned...

    the sun performs nuclear fusion in the core
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    A CPU replacement will work for me?

    I would suggest running benchmarks on your PC to see where your bottlenecks are. There are plenty of tools out there that can measure your system's performance.
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    Finally back after a couple months of an absence

    I would like you all to know that I am back, I was receiving treatment. Thanks for being friends when I needed, talk to you soon.
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    The PCR Movies Thread!

    I would like to see it, how did you get it? You paid for it?
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    Unreal Torny, Pre Alpha free on Epic game site

    I've always loved the Unreal franchise, I used to play 2004 every day for a while.