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    Summer of '69

    Great memories there mate. Shame about picture 9. :cool:
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    Giveaway Watch Dogs 2 for free!

    Thanks got the game but have not had time to play yet. :thumb:
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    Buying a modern phone help needed. ;-)

    Along with the phone I ordered a dual usb socket car charger that fits almost flush with the cigarette charging socket. It is very neat and discreet and hardly protrudes at all. USLION 5A Quick Charge USB Car Charger I also ordered two magnetic charging cables, one for home and one for the...
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    What GPU do you use?

    In my main rig a Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 which has allowed me to play all my games at the highest quality with no problems. It should also allow me to play all but the very latest VR games in high quality. :cool:
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    Buying a modern phone help needed. ;-)

    Yup. Phone and all associated stuff finally arrived last Thursday. Been busy since learning how to set up, use, and keep safe. Almost there, will post more info later. So far seems to run and do what I want very well. :D
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    Buying a modern phone help needed. ;-)

    Thanks that phone seems to have pretty good specs for the price which is just a tad too costly for my small budget. That £150 is almost a whole weeks pension, lol. I decided to go for the Ulefone as they are a rugged design and should be able to give me a decent experience for the way I will be...
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    These ones escaped me

    Too scary for me :eek:
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    Buying a modern phone help needed. ;-)

    My present phone which I have been happy with for quite a number of years is a, Whilst it can connect to the internet I have never done so as the screen is too small for my old eyes to make use of it. I do some voluntary driving for the Welsh Ambulance Service and an e-mail is sent to me for...
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    Coronavirus Cure

    Nope you are most certainly not included in the 876. You are a dedicated cruncher and have been for many years before this present situation arose. :bow: Interestingly there have now been 999 views of this thread and only three comments or replies. What sad folk there are out there in the...
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    Coronavirus Cure

    Well done to the two folk who posted a reaction to this thread. As to the 876 pathetic individuals who looked at the thread and made no comment all i can say is you truly are pathetic folk. You could not even be bothered giving a thumbs up or some other sign of encouragement to a post that is...
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    Quad's Humour Thread

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    Coronavirus Cure

    If you are stuck at home and are using your computer more than you would normally you could be helping to find a cure for the CV-19 virus. When you surf the net or watch a movie or listen to music or any of many daily tasks that you use your computer for your computer only uses a fraction of its...
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    WCG Stats Saturday 06 June 2020

    Aw shucks now i'm all embarrassed :blush: