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    Wanhao i3 3D Printer

    Eyecam is a creepy webcam shaped like a human eye If you still have your 3D printer and are looking for a neat project. :lol:
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    Happy Birthday Muckshifter

    Belated Burpday wishes nice to see your still alive and kicking. :cheers:
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    Happy Birthday V_R

    Belated Burpday wishes nice to see your still alive and kicking. :cheers:
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    Happy Birthday Taffycat!

    Belated Burpday wishes nice to see your still alive and kicking. :cheers:
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    Happy Birthday Floppybootstomp

    Belated Burpday wishes nice to see your still alive and kicking. :cheers:
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    Bargain Linux Pro pack 10 stickers £1 + free shipping

    Get all the essentials in our Pro pack At that price you could get a couple of packs and stick them all over the place. Be a penguin anarchist :fool:
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    What comes after Windows 10?

    Of course you will. It will be callled Windows Emperor version named after a breed of penguins. It will be dead reliable and run really sweetly. You are already being drip fed parts of now and you wont even notice the change when it happens. Apart from the lack of errors and crashes and blue...
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    An upsetting NEW motherboard issue

    My Skylake build is five years old and has been running 24/7 for 90% of that time and had some serious gaming sessions included in that time. It is still going strong. It had all the features that I wanted and was made with rock solid components so I recon it was worth the money. At present I...
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    TV Shows!

    Well it seems there is a series 4 for Wynonna Earp os that is something to look forward to. I binged on Wanda Vision and thought it was pretty good. Thought it was a stand alone thing until I watched Captain Marvel. I have watched some marvel movies but have just started to watch them again in...
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    TV Shows!

    Looking forward to this. I will have a go at WandaVision now that Wynonna Earp is almost finished. Wynonna Earp :D
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    World Community Grid ---- PCReview Crew II

    Hi there eden 188 and welcome to PCR. Are you crunching for our team or some other team ? Not that it matters as long as the numbers get crunched. I have had to do a fresh install of me Arch pc and have not got around to installing Boinc on it yet, I will do eventually. :cool:
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    Linux games that run well.

    Hi , Have you tried this out on a penguin rig an if so which os was it running ? Looks like a pretty cool sort of game. :cool:
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    Music: One song that always cheers me up!

    Bit of a cheat having two choices but I have difficulty just choosing one. :cool: :D
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    Today I learned...

    If yer interested in Chernobyl then if you follow the link to YouTube there are a load more videos on the subject. :cool:
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    Linux games that run well.

    Call of Juarez Call of Juarez PROTON Fun game working very well n my Arch pc. :D