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    Linux World - a smorgasbord of penguins !

    Immutable Linux with Silverblue: My favorite superpower Silverblue Fedora 30 has been released today! This is a very interesting development by Fedora. :cool:
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    New Pad New Life

    Yup was a super trip. The boys thought it was that good that we ought to do it again so we have a three day over the weekend Sun break booked for early October of this year down in Somerset on the coast. An have just collected the coupons and booked a four day Sun holiday ooop norf in Morecambe...
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    OnePlus 5 + one !

    Hmm well. As I thought it was a 5T an there was no way to tell what is was as it would not boot up I ran the unbrick sequence and used the 5T os. Phone booted up and seemed ok but the camera did not work front or back. However I could take selfies with selfi app but not the camera app. So I...
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    Toddbrook Reservoir threatens PCreview moderator.

    Oooooops I knew it began with a S and was west of god's garden. No need to panic folks muckshifter is safe and sadly will not be eligible for any of the £ compensation payout. :rolleyes:
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    Ultrawide vs Dual Monitors

    Triple :lol: That is SB's set up over at Scots. :cool:
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    Toddbrook Reservoir threatens PCreview moderator.

    Will Muckshifter survive ??? List of towns in the path of Toddbrook Reservoir as dam faces collapse "A dam which is at risk of collapse following heavy rain could affect numerous towns and villages in Derbyshire and Cheshire. The 6,500 residents of Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, have been...
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    OnePlus 5 + one !

    Half an afternoon and the whole evening and into the night. A blooming long time.Serves me right for being stubborn. :lol:
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    OnePlus 5 + one !

    I was a tad tired when I posted last night and did not read through the post. I thought I would add a few extra details about my adventure. The E-Bay advert only had three small pictures, one of the front ,the back and a screen shot of the phone working. This is the shot that persuaded me to...
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    OnePlus 5 + one !

    Equals 6. I must have Portmeirion on my mind for some strange reason. Maybe the title should be "OnePlus5 + one old duffer":rolleyes: Well I have been bidding on some OnePlus 3/3 T 's over at E-Bay when a very cheap onePlus 5T caught my eye. Seemed to have a decent screen and case, no sign of...
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    New Pad New Life

    If you like beaches then these might be a good read, I am still working my way down the list of Pembrokeshire ones. :D
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    TV Shows!

    Peaky Blinders fans in the US need subtitles to understand Brummie accents
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    One for @Abarbarian

    Super neat find :thumb:
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    New Pad New Life

    Had a 4 day holiday in May in Snowdonia. It was one of those save up the coupons for a caravan holiday that the Sun does every year. We managed to book a three bedroom unit, with site passes and towels and bedding with the beds made up for a super expensive £50 each. The site was fifty yards...
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    Windows 7 64bit Auto shutdown problem

    What Is rundll32.exe and Why Is It Running? This might help you track down your problem. :cool: