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    New mATX build

    Yup...just noticed a PSU with a Platinum rating...about £40 more expensive...and there are now Titanium ones too ...mainly for server applications though. Gold seems about the sweetspot though in terms of cost.
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    Hi all...looking for some ideas on what might have caused the following series of events: 1. On boot, failed to hear the single beep indicating post and signalled no DVI signal 2. Rebooted several times and got same error - pretty certain the PC wasn't actually booting 3. Swapped out...
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    New mATX build

    Hi Ian. Happy New Year to you too...nice to be back (at least for a while!) Thanks for the link...looks quite good. I was looking at this one too... I like the fact it's...
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    New mATX build

    Hi again all...long time no type! I hope you are all well. To the point: I am planning a mATX machine based on the Silverstone TJ08B-E Temjin case, and the Asus Maximus Gene VI Mobo. I have an Asus GTX580 GPU. Questions: 1. What PSU would you recommend for this and later vids, the...
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    Anyone still playing old multiplayers?

    Are you still playing online in games like Quake 2 or early Unreal Tournament? Know anyone who is? I'd love to get back onto some servers playing those.:o
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    New Micro-ATX rig...views sought

    OK, so a few days ago I asked a tough question...NOT ONE SINGLE REPLY!!!!:mad: What is it with you guys...Micro-ATX too small for ya??? Ok, Ok...when I look at the post myself, even I wouldn't have responded....too much like hard work, and i've spent time looking at the I do...
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    Enough power?

    @Abarbarian...thanks for the thoughtful, nay, insightful analysis that, if it were a neckline, would be both delicately lacy and yet daringly plunging. It shines brightly against a bland cosmos of negative thoughts and mediocre ponderings.:cheers: @Crazylegs...Murphys instead of Guiness...
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    Same brand build

    Thanks :thumb::thumb: My last 3 mobos have all been ASUS ROG ones...or was it the last 2?...anyway, excellent stuff and i',ve never had a big problem with it. In addition, my last board came with a leather ROG key fob:cool:
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    Same brand build

    yup...i've considered this...everything is based on reference boards and components; but if I were testing my own audio card, for example, and I also had my own mobo and vid...maybe I'd tweak them using my own kit as the test, logic suggests that maybe there's some advantage to using...
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    Same brand build

    Has anyone ever seen any tests to see if systems using components from the same manufacturer work better together? Looking into a new build at the moment I am thinking of an Asus mobo. I always like Asus stuff, and often assume that they test their cards on their own even...
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    Stone Roses

    Excellent band...managed to get tickets for the Sunday gig next June:thumb:
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    Hard Drive prices going crazy...

    This issue doesn't just deserve a comment in a thread in a forum, or even a whole thread in a forum, it deserves a forum...oh hang on...there are some!
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    Hard Drive prices going crazy...

    My day-job involves economic analysis and there are two main trends that I would suggest are having an impact: 1. The impact of the natural disasters that has already been mentioned 2. The impact of rising energy costs linked to oil supply prices Basically, the concept of 'Peak oil' is...
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    Monitor choice

    Just seen a review of the new Asus PA238Q in PC Format magazine - raves about it - suggests it might be 'the (very nearly) perfect PC monitor and gives it 95/100. At 23'' this may well be my next monitor:dance:
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    annoyed with non-geeks??

    I love my family and friends, and over the years I have built many machines for them and advised and helped where possible to calm their IT woes and worries. BUT...they are just not geeks, so they often don't appreciate the finer points about the cooling potential of the fully aluminium chassis...