Windows Defender gets top AV awards

Windows Defender gets top AV awards

AV-Test, the independent anti-virus testing lab, have released their latest results for home anti-virus products. Microsoft Windows Defender (the free and default solution that comes with Windows 10) has received joint highest scores alongside Kaspersky, F-Secure and Norton.

When Windows Defender was first released, it was poorly regarded - but it has steadily improved in recent years, to the point where many PC Review users have switched over to using it as their primary anti-virus. There's no bloat, performance is good and the test results show great detection rates.

Of the sample 0-day threats, Windows Defender scored 100% for May and June 2019 - a perfect result.



Windows defender scored a full 18/18 points, with 6 points each for protection, performance and usability. It was the only free anti-virus application to score full marks, as AVG and Avast dropped 0.5 marks for the "protection" category.

You can take a look at the full table of results here:

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