Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha Signup

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha Signup

Microsoft have been working on Flight Simulator 2020 for quite some time, having previewed the game at E3 a little earlier this year. This upcoming release has been long awaited by flight sim fans, as the previous edition of the game is coming up to 8 years old and is starting to look a little long in the tooth.

Huge generational changes have been made in Flight Simulator 2020, including cloud-based scenery loading for global photorealistic textures and model data. This release will include 4k texture maps and significantly improved AI. Check out the E3 preview trailer to see just how incredible this looks:

If you are quick, you can apply to take part in the Flight Simulator 2020 alpha preview program - you need to sign up by the end of today to take part:

The level of detail that the flight simulator provides is largely down to Bing satellite mapping data and Microsoft Azure cloud computing for rendering the data. This means you'll need an internet connection to make the most of the game, and ideally a fast internet connection. There is adaptive streaming which means even those people with slower connections will be able to take advantage of the cloud-based textures. Thankfully, you can pre-cache areas if you want to.

This could be a great training aid for any would-be pilots out there, as with scenery like this, VFR flying should be more than possible at your local "virtual" airfield.
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