Beyond Good and Evil 2 - Ubisoft E3 2018 Showcase

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - Ubisoft E3 2018 Showcase

After a questionable dance number to promote Just Dance 2019 (seriously, what is it with games developers making everyone cringe at these showcases?!), Ubisoft's 2018 E3 Showcase kicked off with a trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2:

Gabrielle Shrager and Guillaume Brunier took the stage to talk about Beyond Good and Evil 2, which Shrager described as a “space opera… a game full of wonder, emotion, danger, and high-stakes drama”.
The game is a prequel to Beyond Good and Evil (2003). An earlier teaser trailer showed Captain Dakani leading the crew on a quest to discover the location and the mystery behind the deep space artefact known as Moksha. Brunier revealed that the game takes place near the end of the 24th century. Here’s a look at the first pre-alpha gameplay footage (skip to 6:00):

According to Shrager and Brunier, the city of Ganesha is “a metropolis filled with sacred temples, beautiful gardens, and bustling shops. But it’s also a darker underworld, rife with dirty bars and dangerous back alleys.”

“Our game is an action adventure RPG that you can play alone or with your friends in co-op. From the intimate interior of a hidden temple to the very edge of the galaxy, fly on the ground or in space at massively different scales, and all of this seamlessly.”


The game world is an open universe that fans can contribute to via the Space Monkey Program. Brunier announced an open invitation for fans to contribute ideas, music, artwork and original content for players to experience as they explore the game world. The initiative is being done in partnership with HitRecord, and their co-founder, Joseph Gordon Levitt took to the stage, much to the surprise of the audience, to explain how fans can contribute (via if you’re interested).

Beyond Good and Evil 2 release date: Not currently known, but expected to be 2019

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