According to the Article 29 Working Party, an EU data protection watchdog, the default settings of the Windows 10 operating system still raise many concerns in terms of user privacy.

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It seems that cyber attacks and online crime are a regular occurrence nowadays, but what should be done to protect people? The President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, has called for a 'digital Geneva convention' to ensure that civilians are protected from cyber attacks by nation-states in times of peace, with the assistance of technology companies.

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Researchers have been taking inspiration from nature - specifically insect wings - to see how wind turbine blades can be made more efficient. Science Mag reports:

Every little helps :)

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The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) was officially opened today in London, and according to the NCSC chief, Ciaran Martin, they "want to make the UK the hardest target". BBC News reports:

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According to Professor Walsh at the University of New South Wales, artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to feature heavily in the future of warfare. Furthermore, the issue is no longer whether to use AI, but how much autonomy to give it - dubbed the 'Terminator conundrum'.


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AMD are set to launch their latest CPU, Ryzen, early next month, and rumour has it that Intel are working on new Core i5 and i7 processors to take it on in the marketplace. Extreme Tech has more:

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