WPF MediaElement Resume jumps video backwards

Discussion in 'Microsoft C# .NET' started by Petra, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Petra

    Petra Guest


    I have a strange problem with Pause and Resume using a

    I implemented a MediaElement to display a video and implemented a GUI
    around it to make the typical Start/Stop/Pause/Resume functionality

    For one particular video I work with the clock.Controller.Resume()
    function causes the clock to jump back several seconds (or frames?)
    first and then starting to play the video from that position. This is
    quite a nuisance because I am trying to keep the video synchronized
    with another video that I restart at the same time (and which doesn't
    jump backwards first). Is there anything that could explain this

    My pause/resume code is quite trivial. Here an excerpt:

    public void PauseResume()
    MediaClock clock = mediaElement.Clock;

    if (clock != null)
    if (clock.IsPaused)

    If anyone has ideas as to why this could be happening, I'd be very
    (Would it be possible that is has to do with the way the video is
    encoded? Keyframe? etc.?)

    Petra, Nov 10, 2008
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