wireless Labtec keyboard shows up in Device manager but can not use

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Hardware' started by bob_a_booie, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. bob_a_booie

    bob_a_booie Guest

    Dear Windows MVPs and techies

    I just purchased Labtec Media Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard and Mouse
    Mouse worked imeediatly on my Windows 2000 desktop

    BTW The USB Dongle does not have a connector for PS/2 keyboard.

    Wireless keyboard shows up as "hid keyboard device" in device manager
    with no errors

    I can not type on the wireless keyboard and no lights or LEDS show up
    in Labtec Media Keyboard in System tray

    If I reboot without wired Keyboard I cannot type anything so I have to

    Is it possible to get the Wireless Keyboard to work in tandem with
    wired Keyboard?
    I also tried it on a Vista laptop with same results

    bob_a_booie, Feb 28, 2008
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