Setting up an Intranet Site

Discussion in 'Microsoft Frontpage' started by Ed_R, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Ed_R

    Ed_R Guest

    I'd like to set up an intranet site for internal employees to be able
    to view, input, etc data from an Access database file.

    I've done this many times on outside websites, but never for an
    intranet site, so not sure what is needed. What do I need to put/
    install on server? I have IIS running on server and am able to
    communicate via asp. pages to run a script for things like the typical
    "hello world.asp" page. Can through a form add my name and get it to
    display back. Now I want to add an Access database. What else is
    needed? I assume need to install Access on the server, any other
    programs needed? Someone told me I need to install SQL server on the
    server. Is this correct? Anything else needed? To make the
    connection to the database, do I write same code as I would for
    external site?

    Ed_R, Jan 14, 2008
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