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Discussion in 'Windows XP Configuration' started by Mad Ant, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Mad Ant

    Mad Ant Guest

    Hello all.

    I had a problem with a laptop : while shutting down, it would always
    hang on the blue shutdown screen, and would hang there continually. I
    would have to press the power button for several seconds to force a
    shutdown. this affected the reboot also.

    I did some checking, and found it to be the WiFi PCMCIA card being
    active that was causing the problem. When I would click on the
    notification area to 'remove device safely', the laptop would shutdown
    without a hitch.

    however, the user of said laptop is a less-advanced user, and I would
    like to simplify the shutdown sequence. I don't want to have repeats
    of the problem because they forgot to remove the hardware.

    The easiest solution that I came up with and would like to implement
    is to have a small script which would automatically remove the
    hardware, before shutting down ('shutdown -s -t 1').
    Looking around, however, and I cannot find anything on the possibility
    of a script affecting the hardware in this way. the closest I found
    was something called 'DevCon', but have no experience with this.

    If someone if able to help me with this, even just to point me in the
    right direction/web site, I would be much obliged.

    Many thanks, and best regards,

    Mad Ant, Aug 11, 2008
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