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Discussion in 'Microsoft Access Reports' started by Peter, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Peter

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    I'm trying to do something very simple in access 2007.
    I have a query that generates a table with 4 columns as follows:

    Program Project Size Status
    PGM1 PROJ1 Small Green
    PGM1 PROJ2 Medium Green
    PGM1 PROJ3 Medium Yellow
    PGM2 PROJ4 Large Green
    PGM2 PROJ5 Small Green
    PGM2 PROJ6 Medium Yellow
    PGM2 PROJ7 Small Red
    PGM2 PROJ8 Large Green
    PGM3 PROJ9 Medium Yellow
    PGM3 PROJ10 Small Yellow
    PGM3 PROJ11 Large Green
    PGM3 PROJ12 Large Red
    PGM3 PROJ13 Large Green

    I turn this query into a pivot chart where I create a view that shows a
    barchart indicating the status by project size. I customize the chart to make
    sure that Yellow really shows up as yellow on the chart (red as red and green
    as green).

    Next I use this query to generate a report, where I group by the first
    column (Progam). and I drop the pivotchart in the header section, so that I
    have 1 chart per program. The Link Master field and Link Child Field
    properties are set correctly in the subform. I leave the detail as it was

    When I now go to the preview of this report, access shows the pivotchart and
    detail as expected, only the colours of the pivotchart are not shown as I
    defined them. So all of a sudden my "Yellow" labeled projects show up in blue
    in the chart, which is quite annoying since the legend label says "Yellow" :)

    I assume this is a simple setting that I'm overlooking. Any help would be
    very much appreciated since I already spend half of my weekend trying to make
    this work !!


    Peter, Feb 16, 2008
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