Re: what is the largest hard drive that WindowsXP can "see"?

Discussion in 'DIY PC' started by Flasherly, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    On Nov 13, 6:39 pm, "TimDrouillard" <> wrote:
    > Internally for data, 2TB
    > External (USB), 3TB
    > "John B. Smith" wrote in messagenews:...
    > I'm thinking of getting another external usb-driven hard drive to use
    > for various back-up imaging and general storage. I have 32 bit XP. I
    > know it can see 500gig, can it see 1 terrabyte?

    That's dependent on the docking station or whatever USB gizzmo you're
    sticking one into. I've a couple Rosewill, one unit free w/ a HD
    purchase and another for $10, that will variously see/are rated up to
    1.5T. Seems I might have been doing weird stuff with pre-formating
    them with a likes of Easeus before putting them into an ASUS MB BIOS
    that definitely didn't support that large a drive. Or something. The
    ASUS MB has went since practically belly up. Not sure, either, would
    tend to doubt offhand, if I've actually a 2G in a stack of 3 or 4 1+T,
    large "GREEN" drives. Thermaltake, btw, is dumping their USB2 docking
    stations in front of the USB3 onslaught after a suitable course of
    rebate hoops for jumping through. Geez, hope they don't get stuck
    with any leftover extras that cost $50 at the time I got my
    Rosewills. Saw the Thermaltakes for $10 on sale yesterday or today,
    not for sure where but possibly on Newegg. They'll be spec'd out for a
    drive-size range, anyway, in their lit.
    Flasherly, Nov 14, 2011
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