Re: What am I not doing? Win2k network drive

Discussion in 'DIY PC' started by Conor, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Conor

    Conor Guest

    In article <>, Jess
    Fertudei says...

    > Gave one partition on the Win2k 'netdrive' box a complimenting name, clicked
    > the Sharing tab in properties and told it to Share this Drive, Set
    > Permissions to add 'Everyone' and set the Control, Change and Read boxes as
    > desired and applied my way out.
    > When I try to map the drive from the XP boxes I can browse far enough to see
    > all three machines are visible to all three... but I cannot drill to the
    > desired drive to map it.
    > I'm obviously missing something... any ideas as to just what should be
    > appreciated.

    Create user accounts on the "server" that mimic the username and
    passwords of those on the client machines.

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    Conor, Aug 16, 2009
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