Re: Understanding SSD alignment and correction.

Discussion in 'DIY PC' started by Flasherly, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    On Mar 18, 10:27 am, Allen Drake <> wrote:
    > I have several systems that are now using Crucial 256GB SSDs where I
    > replaced the HDD by cloning to the new drives. Now I have found that
    > they are all misaligned and in need of correction. I have been reading
    > so much lately that I am not finding a solution other then a clean
    > install or purchasing Paragon Alignment tool. I have no problem doing
    > this if it will save me some time but I have over a half dozen SSDs
    > that are in need of correction and have no way of knowing if this
    > purchase I am about to make will only allow installation and use on
    > one system. If so I have considered placing each drive in one machine
    > and doing it that way. Are there any suggestions to an easier way that
    > what I am planning. I really don't have all that much time to spend on
    > computer maintenance as I work so many hours on my real job.
    > Thanks for any comments and suggestions.
    > Al

    Been awhile for an impression of Paragon, although I might mention
    I've done well with Easeus for the most. Similar situation but with
    larger green and black +Tbyte drives for $50 or $60 I began amassing
    before prices corrected. Did have an issue, though, with the last one
    just last week swapping out a 10-yr-old Seagate for a Samsung 1T
    black, in laying in a somewhat difficult boot arbitrator from one of
    the last older Dos versions of Hirems boot discs. But, to be expected
    over some time and effort required to keep functionality in purpose
    over a hodgepodge of means and specialties involved. 1T Samsung is
    working (well, almost, that is) like a charm now. Like a computer I
    can build. Given to just anyone (a non-specialist), I really do
    resent what *some* people then expect of me once they come to sense by
    vaguest inklings of what all it's capable. Quickly enough, I might
    add. Don't get me wrong, though. Whenever I'm in a garage I'll
    freely admit to the owner or person assessing charges I usually can
    accomplish whatever is being done in five times their amount of time
    with my 60gal. compressor at home. (At a reasonable expectation over
    twice what I might pay myself in wages, yes?) Easeus is often on
    sale, whatever and however that works, although as do many I'm sure it
    follows fair come-on conventions in distributing a limited or
    restricted functionality for potential customers to place value.
    Flasherly, Mar 18, 2012
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