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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Print / Fax / Scan' started by Mike Hall - MVP, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. "lmiller4" <> wrote in message
    > I receive an error when trying to share a printer..the server does not
    > have the correct print driver installed.
    > The printer is connected to my desktop pc running Vista and works fine.
    > The driver is correct.
    > The laptop is also running Vista.
    > When I go to Add New Printer, the printer is recognized by the laptop.
    > That's when I get the error that the driver is incorrect.
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    > lmiller4
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    If you are running Vista 64 on one of them and Vista 32 on the other..

    I am assuming that you know how to and have made the necessary share
    permissions on the computer which is hosting the printer.

    To share a network printer being hosted by a computer running a 32 bit
    operating system with another computer running a 32 bit operating system,
    Vista or XP, you would go to Control Panel > 'Printers' > 'Add Printer' >
    'Add a network printer'. Apologies to any of you who consider that I am
    stating the obvious. In fairness, it is obvious.

    Sharing a printer being hosted by a computer running 32 bit Vista or XP with
    a computer running 64 bit Vista is not obvious, because if you use the above
    method, it will not work.
    So how? First, you need to know the name of the computer which hosts the
    printer, and the name of the printer to be shared.

    Sitting at the host computer: The procedure is the same for Vista and XP

    Start > My Computer > Properties > Computer Name tab > Change button. Write
    down the name that you see here because this is the computer name.

    Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes > Right click on the printer to be
    shared > Properties > Sharing tab. Write down the name that you see here
    because this is the printer name.

    OK. Now sit in front of the Vista 64 computer:
    Start > Control Panel > Printers > Add printer > Add a local printer > Click
    on 'Create a new port' > 'Local Port' > 'Next'.

    The port name will look like this: \\Computer name\printer name

    So enter the names already retrieved, ensuring that you use the same format,
    then click 'OK'.

    At this point, you will be presented with the 'Add New Hardware' process.
    You can either select the make and model of your printer from the lists or
    insert your printer installation disk if you can't find yours. The printer
    will be added, and you should be able to print a test page.

    Another solution is to use a print server. There are three options if you
    take this route.
    1. Replace your router with one which includes a print server. This is the
    most expensive option.
    2. Acquire a wired print server unit and connect it to your existing
    router. Beware the cheapest units as they will invariably be USB 1.1
    compliant only.
    3. Acquire a wireless print server. Setup may not always be
    straightforward, but the printer can be moved around.

    The benefit of any of the three options above is that the printer is
    available all of the time, not being reliant on a host computer's power
    state, but they all cost $$$ or more.


    Mike Hall - MVP Windows Experience
    Mike Hall - MVP, Jul 4, 2009
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  2. Mike Hall - MVP

    Chuck Guest

    "The print processor does not exist."
    This message usually occurs when part of the printer driver package is
    missing, corrupt, or in a very few cases, mismatched.
    It can also be that the driver package assumes that the print processor is
    already installed, due to registry entries.
    In a very few cases, if the printer has emulation capability, installing the
    drivers for the emulated printer fixes the problem.

    It can also occur when an OEM specific version of windows was shipped
    with/on the P/C, and the OEM's build left something out that is supplied
    with the more generic builds. This happened with a P/C desktop I serviced
    that was built and sold with an OEM build that was based upon a Vista
    version that was prior to the retail release version. Seems that the updates
    did not catch the problem. Since the printer make and model was not sold by
    the P/C OEM, it wasn't too surprising.

    "sjpsj" <> wrote in message
    > I followed the procedure you recommended. But at the end it didn't
    > work. I got the message: "Unable to install printer. The print
    > processor does not exist."
    > Any ideas how to proceed? Thanks.
    > --
    > sjpsj
    Chuck, Jul 17, 2009
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