Re: How to recover Recovered File Fragments (*.chk)

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Setup' started by Dave Patrick, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. Dave Patrick

    Dave Patrick Guest

    What happened when you restarted the pc was chkdsk ran and found broken
    chains/ lost clusters, then created *.chk files of them so you can delete
    them and regain the otherwise lost drive space. They're not really meant to
    be recoverable files, you can go ahead and delete the files to regain the
    lost space. You can open them with a text editor and attempt to copy the
    parts you need to another file.


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    "Haroon" wrote:
    > Hi! I installed Win 2k yesterday. After installing, the
    > system asked me to unplug a hardware. I accidently
    > unplugged my USB web cam without shutting down the system.
    > When i unplugged the web cam, the system remained on. As
    > soon as i clikced the mouse left button once, the system
    > instantly restarted. While restarting, the system started
    > to check my hard drive. And it also stated to fix it. When
    > the system was fully booted, i checked my files and i was
    > shocked. The system changed many of my folders to files.
    > ANd also it changed my important docs (college
    > assignments, projects, MP3s, etc.) to files with the
    > format "filennnn.chk" where "nnnn" ranges from 0000 to the
    > totalt number of files lke 7712.
    > What i want to know is that is there any way i could get
    > my files recovered automatically back to their original
    > state i.e. with original extension and file name. I can
    > still access the files. Like i can open the files in Word
    > which were Word Documents but I cant distinguish them by
    > just seeing there filename as the file name is changed. I
    > can still play the MP3s but can not identify the songs
    > without playing them.
    > Please help me. Or all my college work will be lost.
    > Thank you.
    > Haroon
    Dave Patrick, Aug 11, 2003
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