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Discussion in 'DIY PC' started by Paul, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Fred wrote:
    > Fred wrote:
    >>> I have downloaded hotfix KB835221 wich installs the Microsoft UAA
    >>> bus driver for High Definition Audio.
    >>> The problem is the hot fix has two versions of kb835221.exe one in a
    >>> folder named X86FRE and another in a folder named X86CHK. Both exe's
    >>> a have diffeerent file size. I can find no info on which to use.
    >>> I am using XP PRO 32bit, Intel processor.
    >>> Anyone know which one is the correct one to use and or why there are
    >>> two versions?
    >>> Thanks,
    >>> Fred


    >> "Checked OS is intended for developers, not end users. (CHK)"

    >> So CHK is "checked" and FRE is "free". A retail OS installation
    >> is a "free" one.

    >> And I'd never heard of those terms before...

    >> It's not "free" in terms of what you paid for it.

    >> Just for fun, is the CHK one bigger than the FRE ? In the
    >> link above, they claimed there is more debugging code
    >> and ASSERTs in the code. So in theory, the CHK version
    >> should have more bytes of code.

    >> You should use the FRE one, and while you're at it,
    >> figure out why you got a version like that in the first
    >> place.

    >> You don't have to go to Microsoft to get a UAA driver.
    >> or example, many HDaudio drivers bundle UAA in a directory
    >> in the installer, and they install it for you. What you get
    >> in that case, is the English version of UAA.

    >> RealTek HDaudio

    >> MSHDQFE folder

    >> kb888111w2ksp4.exe 725KB
    >> kb888111xpsp1.exe 757KB
    >> kb888111xpsp2.exe 704KB

    >> Paul

    > Paul, thanks for the response. I figured if anyone could help it would be you. The
    > above will not install if you are on SP3. The only way I could find on install on
    > SP3 is with hotfix KB835221. At least now I know to use the "FRE"
    > BTW... Size = 698KB for chk and 643 for fre.
    > Link to this hotfix
    > ( XP/latest/UAA_HD_Audio_OOB_release/5011
    > /free/198658_intl_i386_zip.exe)
    > Password: q-RBOt7 (required to unzip it)
    > Fred

    The weird thing about those files (the two .exe I unzipped), is they're dated
    8/18/2004. Which implies they were released well before SP3. So maybe they're
    a bug fix compared to 888111 ? (Or added Win Server 2003 compatibility ?)
    I don't really understand the history of the UAA releases.

    I keep the files from my WinXP SP3 CD on the hard drive, and
    the file has hdaudbus.sys in it. The version of that
    file is Your download, once you burrow into it
    with 7-zip and extract the file, is So it seems
    the HDaudio files included with SP3 itself, have a later
    release number. (If you can call what Microsoft does, "release

    I know there are some issues with install order for some HDaudio
    drivers, but don't really know how you go about resolving them
    for SP3. I think my RealTek installed without a problem on this
    computer (installed from an OEM WinXP SP3 CD), but because
    of the bloat, I've since switched back to my trusty $10 sound
    card :)

    Paul, Feb 2, 2009
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