Re: Help! Can't delete a file in Windows XP!

Discussion in 'Windows XP Basics' started by kelly, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. kelly

    kelly Guest

    On Aug 1, 9:37 pm, (Guy Fletcher) wrote:
    > This should be so simple on the face of it, but aaaaargh!
    > In a nutshell, I have a virus that has corrupted the USERINIT registry
    > entry. Identified it ok. Just need to delete c:\program\abc\def.exe (I
    > got the name from regedit.)
    > 1. I can't delete folder "abc" because it says it's "not empty". Fair
    > enough, I'll delete "def" first.
    > 2. Uh huh. Says "def" isn't there.
    > 3. I go into DOS (or rather the command prompt feature of WXP).
    > 4. I do the ATTRIB command for -r -s -h, and it takes it without error
    > message..... BUT nothing's changed, at all!
    > 5. Read on the internet that the TYPE command ignores whether files
    > are hidden/system, so I do that on def.exe.
    > 6. YES! It lists gobbledegook (as expected with .exe data) so that
    > proves it DOES exist and is still there.
    > So - the question seems to be why the ATTRIB command had no
    > effect..... anybody have any suggestions?
    > Thanks
    > Guy
    Download this freebee.
    kelly, Aug 16, 2011
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