Re: Do I Really Need A Graphics Card With This Board?

Discussion in 'DIY PC' started by Paul, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Agent_C wrote:
    > I'm putting together a workstation for a business application and
    > considering this board.
    > How good would you estimate the on-board graphics to be on this board?
    > Compared say to an AMD Radion HD 6450?
    > Thanks,
    > A_C

    If you're doing bar charts and pie charts, any graphics
    is good enough for that.

    If you're playing a 3D game, doing some OpenGL graphics (CAD
    application), then you may want a stronger solution. You can
    probably play The SIMS on the built-in graphics, but Crysis
    wouldn't have a very high frame rate.

    The graphics split on the Intel boards are a bit strange.
    You can get chipsets without FDI support. And chipsets that
    do have FDI support. The actual GPU is inside the processor
    chip itself. If you check for your processor, it
    may list "Intel HD4000" or "Intel HD3000", and one might have
    16EU, the other 12EU. So a slight difference, between generations
    of Intel graphics.

    The CPU has a GPU inside it. But the actual output connectors, are
    not driven by the CPU itself. The CPU has an output bus (FDI) that
    connects to the chipset. And the chipset has VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort
    or some other type, supported in it.

    If you use a CPU with no GPU inside, then the motherboard graphics connectors
    cannot work (black screen). If you use a CPU with an internal GPU, but
    the chipset doesn't support video I/O connectors, there's no place to
    access the GPU output. It's a patchwork solution that helps Intel
    increase component sales.

    Since "integrated graphics" nibble away at the bottom end of the
    video card market, it stands to reason that the "weakest video card"
    must be stronger than it's integrated competition. At least, from
    a gaming perspective. If you're building an HTPC, then the
    integrated graphics might be good enough.

    In any case, there's a head to head comparison here. And the
    6450 gets sandwiched between HD4000 and HD3000. Which means the
    next generation ATI card, will need to be bumped up a tiny bit.

    Paul, Aug 5, 2012
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