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Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by LVTravel, Nov 6, 2009.

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    "lmvk99" <> wrote in message
    > Hi,
    > I want to copy a bunch of docus in my files to a backup space, but I do
    > not simply want to replace all duplicate files with the ones I am
    > copying, I want it to work out which of the 2 files has been changed the
    > most recently and keep that one. I know I can keep a copy of both, but
    > there are just WAY too many files and I don't want to keep copies.
    > Does vista have the ability to do this?
    > --
    > lmvk99

    I use a file synchronizing program (free for some uses) called Allway Sync Once set up it will copy the latest files from one
    source folder to another and always keep the latest file no matter where the
    latest file was created. I keep my laptop computers (3 that I use for
    different purposes but all have the same data on them) and my desktop
    computers (2 in different locations in the house) synced with my NAS servers
    for my data and backup. If it isn't sure which file is the latest (because
    of minor differences in the time stamp) it will not sync until you tell the
    program which you want to keep.

    I have used the Pro version (2 licenses) on my two most active computers
    (there is a nag statement if you transfer more than about 40,000 files in a
    month without the pro version) and the free version on the remainder of the
    computers for about the last 5 months and have never had any problem with
    the program at all. This was one of my best purchases ever for a great
    little utility program. I have no financial or other connection to the
    company other than a user.
    LVTravel, Nov 6, 2009
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