Re: computer makes loud noise and lags.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by LVTravel, Dec 3, 2009.

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    "nooger" <> wrote in message
    > Sorry if this is the wrong section but, sometimes when im just on the
    > computer my computer will make a noise. I really dont know how to
    > describe the noise but its like when the fan in your room is turned to
    > like extra fast. Whenever the noise comes my computer just starts to
    > lag.
    > Anyone know whats causing this??
    > Thanks
    > --
    > nooger

    Time to clean out the computer. What is happening is the fans are speeding
    up to cool the processor. The processor is going into a slower mode to keep
    from making so much heat. The faster the processor runs or the more load it
    has on it the hotter it gets. If the fans have collected junk on the blades
    or there is a layer of dust on the cooling fins the processor will overheat.

    Turn off the computer, open the case (if desktop) and after grounding
    yourself to the metal case blow out the junk collected in it. Also
    carefully wipe the fins on the processor cooling fan (if equipped.) If
    laptop I recommend taking to a reputable repair shop to open it up and clean
    it out. Big box stores and geek squad types of places are NOT reputable for
    working on computers.
    LVTravel, Dec 3, 2009
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