Re: Can't copy 20GB file to 160GB USB drive with 153GB free

Discussion in 'Windows XP General' started by Thee Chicago Wolf [MVP], Aug 16, 2011.

  1. >I have a Seagate USB drive (160GB) that I use for archiving files. I
    >just cleaned a bunch of old stuff off of it leaving 153GB free.
    >I tried to copy a 20GB TrueCrypt container file and got a Windows (XP)
    >message saying that it cannot copy the file because there is not enough
    >What's up?
    >I have a 465GB C-drive with 354GB free. It looks to me like there is
    >space everywhere.
    >I am able to copy the 20GB file to another directory on the C-disk with
    >no problems.

    Is the file system FAT32 or NTFS? If it is FAT32, you cannot move a
    file larger than 2.2GB.

    - Thee Chicago Wolf [MVP]
    Thee Chicago Wolf [MVP], Aug 16, 2011
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  2. Thee Chicago Wolf [MVP]

    Tim Slattery Guest

    Tim Slattery, Aug 16, 2011
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  3. "Jennifer Murphy" <> wrote in message

    > On Tue, 16 Aug 2011 16:06:47 -0400, Tim Slattery <>
    > wrote:
    >>Jennifer Murphy <> wrote:

    >>>Can I move the files off, reformat it as NTFS, and then move them back?

    >>You can do it without moving the files off (but a backup would be a
    >>good idea). Run convert.exe, look here:

    > Is there any benefit to doing a format rather than running convert.exe?
    > There were only a few files on the drive. I have already moved them to
    > the C-disk.
    > My intuition tells me that a format would give me a cleaner start. Any
    > validity to that?

    Intuition is for doubts. What we want is peace of mind. The drive
    has been emptied (so the data will not be lost) so if a reformat after
    NTFS conversion increases your peace of mind, just go ahead.
    You have nothing to lose.

    Don Phillipson
    Carlsbad Springs
    (Ottawa, Canada)
    Don Phillipson, Aug 16, 2011
  4. Thee Chicago Wolf [MVP]

    Tim Slattery Guest

    Jennifer Murphy <> wrote:

    >Don't ya just love these Microsoft error messages? This one not only
    >told me that there was not enough space (there was) but told me run Disk
    >Cleanup to free up space (which would not make any difference). The
    >message is not just vague, it's plain wrong. (sigh)

    Probably originates in the FAT32 file system, which inherited it from
    FAT16, etc. I expect that when that bit was written nobody considered
    the possibility of a file anywhere near that big. It should have been
    done better way back then, and it should have been caught and fixed
    some time later. I promise you this kind of thing is not unique to

    Tim Slattery
    Tim Slattery, Aug 17, 2011
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