Re: Cannot surf web, but do have TCP/IP

Discussion in 'Windows XP Networking' started by Robert Aldwinckle, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. (cross-post added to XP Networking)
    "Information" <cmc(removethis)> wrote in message news:...
    > (Sorry, I am reposting this to restart this troubleshooting, I have been
    > away and unable to continue until now. Thanks for the patience!)

    Unfortunately both Google Groups and Microsoft's web interface
    to Newsgroups searches are FUBAR so it would help if you would
    at least provide a Message-ID to whatever previous discussion
    you wanted this linked with.

    > I have Windows XP Home SP3 on an HP laptop, and we cannot use Internet
    > Explorer or Mozilla.

    Then it is not just an IE problem but a problem somewhere on
    your connection path. One common cause is a misconfigured
    personal firewall.

    So, let's try some simpler HTTP connectivity tests.
    First what do you see when you try to use Diagnose Connection Problems...
    (e.g. via IE Tools menu). Then use the View log button.
    Hopefully that will give you something useful to look at...

    (Microsoft search for
    diagnose wireless

    Hmm... I see xpnetdiag.xml opening in Notepad. Not useful! ; ]
    Usually it opens in another IE window and is nicely formatted. YMMV.
    To see what I am used to seeing I had to open this in another tab:
    F:\WINDOWS\network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.xml

    Less significantly, in a cmd window enter:

    netsh diag connect iphost 80

    Unfortunately none of the above tests actually use iexplore.exe
    to test the connectivity so they would do nothing to help you diagnose
    a case of something blocking iexplore.exe specifically.

    Fiddler2 might give you a better perspective on your symptoms
    than just IE's generic "DNS error" message. Fiddler's request builder
    feature can be used to simulate a web browser connection.

    You can also use telnet in a command window to simulate an HTTP
    connection when you'd rather not bother using Fiddler. That I think
    would be at least one step better than the netsh diag command. ; )

    > Automatic Updates occur, AVG updates, but when I open IE6, IE7 or IE8
    > (installed at various times) I get "Internet
    > Explorer cannot open the webpage"

    Make sure that you aren't using a feechur called "Link Scanner"
    or all your HTTP requests will be going through that proxy too,
    though then you could normally expect to see at least a few pages
    properly rendered before that instance of the browser would stop
    providing new connections.

    > I have reset all security zones to the default, tried with no add-ons, reset
    > IE to defaults, tried using Dial-a-fix with its utilities, reset the TCP/IP,
    > removed the NIC drivers (wired and wireless), and a repair installation of
    > XP Home with no change.
    > Outside of data salvage and starting over (I'm hoping to avoid this) I'm
    > hoping for an easier solution.
    > Thanks in advance for any assistance,
    > Dan

    You could also see if this article gives you any ideas.
    (From the same search.)

    There are others in the same search but note that they are clearly
    identified as being intended to provide support for Vista users,
    so some of their information may not apply to your XP case.

    BTW you may find more informed help from a newsgroup
    which specializes in Networking for XP. Cross-posting for


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Oct 22, 2009
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