Rdp Client goes to Freeze after 10 minute from minimized

Discussion in 'Windows XP Work Remotely' started by Luca G, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Luca G

    Luca G Guest

    i have window xp sp2. But this issue i can find also in sp3 and windows 2003

    If i work in full screen mode and i minizime the window (maybe i must work
    on my local pc with local programs) , and wait exactly 10 minutes or more
    when i restore before to get connect and work i must wait for about 30, 40
    seconds. I view that i'm connect and i view the screen with programs but
    before to interact pass this time.

    I think is a sort of bandwidth optimization or bandwidth save. But i want
    remove this behavior. Because if i receive a call he can't wait 40,50
    second to start to work.

    My enviroment :

    RplClient 6 ( i update to this versione for minimize and automatic restore
    Windows Xp sp2 - Windows XP sp3

    I had check in group policy and there is no timeout setting.
    I had remove the screensaver.

    Can you help me ?
    Luca G, Jun 26, 2009
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