quotation mark in formula seems to crash excel!!!

Discussion in 'Microsoft Excel Crashes' started by tt1611, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. tt1611

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    I have a user who is convinced that everytime she enters a quotation mark (")
    in her formula, the application crashes and has to restart. Please see below

    Below is description of formula that caused Excel to close.

    this formula works:
    =if(and(f3>=j3,f3<=l3),"Lower",if(and(f3>=m3,f3<=o3),"Middle",if(and(f3>=p3,f3<=r3),"Upper",f3>r3,"Above Upper","?"))))
    if try to enter "if(f3<j3,"Below Lower", in front of formula, Excel closes
    when hit " key

    this formula works when entered left to right:
    Lower",if(and(f3>=j3,f3<=l3),"Lower",if(and(f3>=m3,f3<=o3),"Middle",if(and(f3>=p3,f3<=r3),"Upper",f3>r3,"Above Upper","?")))))
    formula will not work if try to edit-something with " key in formula is
    causing Excel to close

    this is just one example of several that she has. I have researched high and
    low and cant find any information on this. Can I please have your thoughts on
    what you think is causing excel to shutdown?
    tt1611, Dec 16, 2008
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