Problem printing to A4 tractor fed stationary - drifting up the page

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Printing' started by Clive Elsworth, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. I'm writing an app that prints to multipart continuous A4 stationary but I
    suspect that, even though I'm setting paper size to A4 everywhere I can find
    a paper size setting, that somehow the system is defaulting back to US
    Letter size, because the output is drifting further up the page for each
    successive page.

    The printer is an OKI Microline 321 I can tell it that it has A4 paper using
    the front panel, (albeit this only works in Epson FX mode).
    Aside from my application I have noticed that some standard MS apps seem to
    tell the printer driver it has Letter size even though all settings in the
    driver are set to A4. For example, simply printing a blank page from
    Wordpad advances the paper correctly up to the start of the next page, but
    if I do exactly the same thing from Word using the same printer driver (and
    being careful to set the page size to A4 in Word) the paper advances
    INcorrectly to about an inch less than where it should be on the A4 tractor
    fed stationary - just as if it had told the printer it has Letter stationary
    and had then sent a Formfeed.

    My app uses Crystal Reports and I now suspect that whatever Word does to
    ignore the A4 paper size setting Crystal Reports is also doing.

    It would be most useful if someone could throw some light on this issue
    and/or let me know the source of a printer driver that does not mislead the
    printer about its stationary length! (If I'm correct in my assumption.) I
    have used all sorts of drivers (OKI's drivers, Epson FX80, Epson FX80+,
    Epson FX 1050 etc) but much the same thing happens every time. I have tried
    the Generic Text driver but Crystal gives a strange Division by Zero error
    when setprinter runs to select it, so I've had to rule that one out.

    Many thanks, if you can help

    Clive Elsworth
    (London UK)
    Clive Elsworth, Jan 20, 2004
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