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Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Upgrade' started by Guest, Jul 1, 2005.

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    We just migrated an NT4 domain (15 servers/200 clients) to Win2003 AD. It
    went smoothly except for one dialogue box that spooked us into choosing

    "Permissions compatible with pre-Windows2000 servers".
    "Select this option if you run server programs on pre-
    Windows2000 servers or on Windows2000 Servers that are
    members of pre-Windows2000 domains."

    Our SQL7 servers (e.g. "server programs") run on NT4 member servers; as a
    result, with SQL being critical to our business, we chickened out and kept
    the pre-Win2000 perms and also decided to avoid raising the Windows domain
    functional level to native mode.

    I realize that pre-Win2000 compatible perms refers to allowing the Everyone
    group into the Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access group; I always thought
    this mattered mainly for NT RAS servers but taking this dialogue literally, I
    don't want something with SQL7 running on NT member servers to break and then
    have only myself to blame for not having heeded this message. In case anyone
    suggests that only DCs are involved with going native, I would say "yes, I
    think this too" but when Microsoft presents such a message, I'd better have
    some valid justification for not taking it very literally.

    We want to strengthen the perms and then go native for a variety of good
    reasons but does Microsoft mean that SQL7 might be broken if we use it on NT4
    member servers in an AD domain? It is literally an "application" running on
    NT4 which is a "pre-Windows2000 server". This MS statement seems to suggest
    I should first upgrade the OS on which SQL7 runs from NT to 2000/2003 before
    proceeding with any more domain work; we intend to upgrade SQL to 2000 or
    2005 (we already purchased the licensing for this) but this will have to be
    an implementation for another time.

    Is there any danger in going with the post WinNT perms and then shifting the
    domain to native mode or are we being overly cautious? I am sure we are
    being too cautious but would someone please tell me why? We would also
    appreciate hearing of anyone who runs SQL7/NT4 servers under a Win2000 or
    Win2003 AD without the compatibility permissions and possibly in a native
    mode domain.

    Please forgive the length of my post and I thank you in advance.
    Guest, Jul 1, 2005
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