Link PivotChart to PivotTable, whilst hiding fields

Discussion in 'Microsoft Excel Programming' started by clifgriffin, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. clifgriffin

    clifgriffin Guest

    My problem is simple:
    I have a pivottable that displays data in several columns based on filters.
    I have a pivotchart based on this pivottable.
    The pivotchart displays ALL data from the pivottable.
    I want to remove one of the value fields that is displayed on the
    PivotChart, but I seem to only be able to do this if I alter the underlying
    PivotTable which is unacceptable.

    I read one guide online that mentioned creating a second PivotTable "based
    on" the first one and using this to create the PivotChart. I've also tried to
    do a dynamic named range but this only resulted in me wanting to kill small
    animals. (I couldn't get it to work at all)

    This seems like it should be a very common problem...any ideas?
    clifgriffin, Mar 3, 2009
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