Is Windows Live Spaces protecting the privacy of their customers? Think again before publishing any

Discussion in 'Windows XP Messenger' started by A former MSN Live Spaces user, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Did you subscribe to Windows Live Spaces?

    Did you create a Windows Live Spaces account and started to publish personal

    Photographs and/or video's?

    Personal information about your family and/or friends?

    Do you feel save publishing that information with Microsoft?

    Think twice and read this story.

    In 2000, I suscribed to a free email account with Microsoft and a free
    account with MSN Messenger.

    Later, MSN Live Spaces invited me to create a Live Space on the Internet,
    and I created my own Live Space.

    I started to create my own family photo album on Live Spaces, publishing
    photo's of me, my famiy and my friends. It was fun to be able to share this
    information with family and friends without needing to send lots of
    photographs by email everytime.

    Off course, I made access to my photo album only accessible to people on my
    Messenger, family and friends.

    All was seemingly well with my Windows Live Spaces account.

    But 2 years ago, someone published in several Usenet (Google) groups,
    Webhosting sites like Flickr, and on his own website a copy of my personal
    Live Spaces main page, with my photograph and all my personal information.
    Even the link to my Windows Live Spaces was displayed at the bottom of the
    picture, indicating that it was a 'Copy and Paste" of my original Windows
    Live Spaces page.

    A few days later, the same copy was published all over the Internet and the
    Usenet, but this time with defamating information pasted over my original
    information. He even pasted "child abuse" accusations on my information page
    which I never did.

    This person has posted my personal Live Spaces page several times on the
    Internet/Usenet, with and without defamating typeover ever since and
    continues to do this.

    What else has this person "stolen" from my Live Spaces?

    I have made several reports about this to Microsoft, but the only response I
    did receive from the people at Microsoft was a desillusional: "Microsoft
    cannot help you with this problem as the Live Space copy was published
    the Microsoft territory".

    Bottom line of this:

    If you plan to start creating a Microsoft Live Spaces website and publish
    personal information, think twice.

    There are a lot of freaks outside who can copy this information like
    peanuts, Edit the text and the photo's to their wishing, and post this
    information all over the world with a few keystrokes.

    Think twice before publishing personal information with Microsoft.

    They cannot help you if something similar happens to you and your beloved

    BUT MORE IMPORTANT: they WILL not do a single effort to help you.
    A former MSN Live Spaces user, Oct 3, 2007
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