Installer breaks ezycashbook application

Discussion in 'Spyware Application Compatibility' started by Kim Mihaly, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Kim Mihaly

    Kim Mihaly Guest

    Couldn't find anywhere to report problems - this forum is
    the closest I found...
    Updated to latest version of beta this morning after
    previous version expired - only worked this out because
    gcasdtserv.exe was running out of control(ie consumed
    100% cpu)!.

    Now when try to run a program called ezycashbook (ECB) (a
    book keeping package) ( which I
    believe uses a ms access backend it appears to be trying
    to install a tool from cd every time I try to run the
    program like word & access do when I stupidly delete the
    msocache folder.

    ECB is currently at version 2.1.9 but the screen header
    on the installer says it wants to load something from cd
    for version 2.1.5 which is the 1st version that I had
    loaded), and then when I go back to old version & try to
    update the update .msi refuses to run (got around this by
    contacting vendor & getting the components & copying etc
    mysef). The vendor has asked me to check for the presence
    of files & registry settings and these are what they
    consider 'normal' so the problem must be with the
    antispyware install changing something the installer uses.

    I am using win xp pro sp2 - with every critical &
    software update applied (as at this morning GMT +10).

    My office 2003 is also fully uptodate with no patches etc
    outstanding (as at this morning GMT +10)

    Kim Mihaly
    Border Computer Training & Solutions
    Stanthorpe, Queensland , Australia
    Kim Mihaly, Aug 3, 2005
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