How to extract audio from VCD to MP3

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    How to extract audio from VCD to MP3

    VCD stands for 'Video Compact Disc' and basically it is a CD that
    contains video and audio. If you're familiar with regular audio/music
    CDs, then you will know what a VCD looks like. A VCD has the capacity
    to hold up to 74/80 minutes on 650MB/700MB CDs respectively of full-
    motion video along with quality stereo sound (2-channel 16-bit PCM
    clocked at 44100 Hz). VCDs use a compression standard called MPEG to
    store the video and audio. VCD Audio uses MP2 (MPEG Audio Layer-2)
    compression. You can extract VCD audio to MP3 if you would like to
    enjoy MTV songs on your MP3 player.

    Follow the steps below to extract audio from VCD to MP3.

    Extracting audio from VCD to MP3 using Eufony VCD MP3 Ripper

    After launch Eufony Audio Converter, Insert a VCD in your CD-ROM
    drive. In the folders pane, click on the CD Drive, select and open
    folder "MPEGAV" which contains DAT files you want to convert to MP3.
    Video CD uses MPEG-1 for video compression and DAT as the file
    In the file list pane, select one or more DAT files.
    Right click on the selected DAT files to bring up the context menu and
    select Convert.
    In the Audio Format Conversion window, select MP3 from the Output-
    >Format list.

    If you want to change the output quality, select the Custom radio
    button. (optional)
    If you want to change the destination folder for MP3, click on the
    Browse icon button to change. (optional)
    Click Convert to start extracting.
    music-fan, Sep 25, 2009
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