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Discussion in 'Windows XP Accessibility' started by buddyorliz, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. buddyorliz

    buddyorliz Guest

    Is there any way to find an untitled project - other than basic stuff?

    I have spent 15 hours on a project that I can not find.
    It was saved and re-opened many times. I started this project a couple days
    ago, every time moviemaker froze and I had to close it, when I opened it
    again it would say searching for.... and my project would come up. I even
    hit the save button a couple times, but never named it - Because it was fine
    and I wasn't done.

    This morning when I opened it and worked on it and it did its freeze thing
    and I closed and re-opened it - it was fine. Then after a couple times of
    that, when it opened - it opened the last NAMED project I was working on.

    The named project was the end part of the new untitled project.

    I have used searched, used restore then un-did restore, read 50 websites,
    read help here.. I have looked everywhere.

    This may not actually be a moviemaker question, more of a Where do I find
    something I did 5 hours ago. Is it possible?

    Thanks to anyone who can lead me in the correct direction!!
    buddyorliz, Apr 1, 2008
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