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Discussion in 'Microsoft Dot NET' started by, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Hi All,
    This is the situation. I have a porgram that is in a sub-dir of
    program files that has an auto-updater. This updater needs to over
    write both exe's and data files. If the user is not an admin I can
    prompt for a elevation of rights, however, this may not be required as
    the user may have write permission on the directory. However, if I
    just try writing to the directory, file virtualization kick in and
    fakes it for me.

    So the question is.. Is there any way to find out if file
    virtualization would be or was needed on a file operation, or is there
    a way of telling vista not to virtualize a particular process? I am
    using dotnet 2.0.

    The reason for this odd request is that the application will be put
    onto laptops where the users may not know the admin account details,
    but instead, if they are not admin's, they will be given write access
    to the folder.

    , Aug 14, 2007
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