Cannot browse LAN, but still surfing the net

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Plastic Man, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Plastic Man

    Plastic Man Guest

    Hi folks, funny story.

    We disconnected one of the reliable work-horses (our antivirus server)
    from the LAN to use the ethernet connection on the wall temporarily for
    the boss's laptop upgrade. We've done this many many times before
    without issue. This time, upon reconnecting the ethernet cable, there
    is no access to the LAN by the antivirus machine.

    It doesn't matter what plug on the wall we use or what log-in name we
    use (yes, the permissions are all high enough). We've reinstalled the
    networking components countless times. No luck.

    Oddly though, we can ping all other network computers, refresh the IP
    from the DHCP server, surf the web, and receive email.

    So far, there's some registry tweaks about NODE TYPES and such that are
    discussed on Google. But nothing describes the sudden loss of a
    previously robust connection.

    Perhaps this tidbit is irrelevant, but we have added two new users to
    our domain in recent days. I am 99% sure we have CAL's for several more
    clients. And surely upon log-in we'd be informed if we were refused
    authentication to the domain?

    Any ideas?

    Plastic Man
    Plastic Man, Feb 8, 2005
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  2. Plastic Man

    Luke MacNeil Guest

    Were any changes made to the AV machine or the LAN while it was
    Your saying you can't access the LAN, but what exactly is it that your
    trying to do?
    Access a share? Login to the domain?

    If you run a ping -t against an internal address are there any

    My first guess is the network cable. I ran into a situation similar
    although a WAN. I was able to touch other servers, but I couldn't stay
    authenticated to the servers. The problem was kerberos. Kerberos sends
    its packets by default by UDP packets, which means it tosses them out
    and doesnt check to make sure they were recieved.. so these UDP packets
    were getting dropped at the router. There was a registry tweak that
    forced kerberos to communicate via TCP, and that ensures that the
    systems will be authenticated.

    This is why I suspect the network cable. It could easily be
    intermittent and dropping large numbers of packets. Could also be a
    defective port on your router, hub, switch, whatever.


    Let me know if that helps,

    Luke MacNeil, Feb 10, 2005
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