BCM data transfer from PDA to computer after hard disk crash

Discussion in 'Microsoft Outlook BCM' started by Desperate Guy, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. I had a hard disk crash and the only Outlook / Business Contact Manager data
    I have left is all on my Pocket PC. I reinstalled Outlook 2007 with Business
    Contact Manager on my desktop computer’s new C drive, and used ActiveSync to
    transfer my regular Outlook contacts and calendar data back to my desktop
    machine from the Pocket PC. Now I now want to transfer the BCM data back to
    the desktop machine from the Pocket PC as well, but: Installing Business
    Contacts for Pocket PC 2.0 involves installing it on both the desktop machine
    and the Pocket PC. I’m afraid that this will erase the BCM data on the Pocket
    PC. Since Business Contactsfor Pocket PC 2.0 is already on my Pocket PC
    because I used it to sync my Pocket PC before the hard disk crash -- can I
    install the Business Contacts sync program on JUST my desktop computer and
    then safely transfer my BCM data back to my desktop machine? Or is there a
    way do an installation on the Pocket PC that’s non-destructive to data?


    Desperate Guy
    Desperate Guy, Jul 9, 2009
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